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Moving print operations can be one of the most challenging decisions any property has to make. It affects employees, readers and advertisers throughout our communities. It requires a tremendous amount of consideration and preparation and many agonizing hours reviewing financial options. more
Many newsrooms across the country have begun to analyze and make changes to their political coverage, thanks to Trump's impact on American politics. His brazen falsehoods and wild conspiracy theories caught journalists completely off guard during the 2016 election and beyond, a fact he exploited to spread his message. more
But what is the root cause of this "we, they" (rather than "us") world we share today? I submit that it is not the politicians who crave sound bites and social posts to gain funding and political capital to increase their power. Nor is it the lobbyists who sprinkle their money on this political environment to advance their agendas. Instead, in my opinion, those most at fault for this social shift are the ones who give critical cover to the politicians — the media! more
The idiom one-trick pony is derived from the circus. A circus featuring a pony that is only trained to perform one trick is not very entertaining. But, unfortunately, that is how we are sometimes seen in the media business. more
This week, nearly two years ago, Mike and I prepared to take the reins of this 140-year-old publication. I've spent those two years working with him to bring our readers this magazine, website and digital products. And, we kept going as the pandemic brought many changes to all of our lives.  As we enter the next phase of E&P, it’s clear that change will continue to be a consistent theme. more
Most may have seen this quote by Henry Ford, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” This sums up what I believe regarding training today. Let’s get right to the elephant in the room with this bold statement. While there are exceptions to nearly every rule and statement, our industry as a whole does not do a good job at training and networking. more
We’re well past the halfway point for the year, and in many ways, it’s starting to feel like the new normal is setting in. It’s not quite what most of us were used to, but as new buying habits, new patterns, new products, and new services have changed everyone’s lives, we’re starting to see groves form as the baseline for “normal” shifts. more
To say that the relationship between publishers and technology giants has intensified in the last few days, weeks or months is putting it lightly. Regardless of the way forward, the trends, developments and products pouring out of Silicon Valley should have publishers’ undivided attention, says Edward Roussel, Innovation Officer at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. more
Throughout my many years in the newspaper industry, I’ve strived to be a forward thinker. Spending time on what was or could have been doesn’t get us too far both in our industry and life in general. Over the last few years particularly, we’ve all been challenged to maintain an optimistic outlook for newspapers. more
This month, I thought I’d share some cool new features and thoughtful changes I came across in my digital travels in recent months that may just be what your newsroom is looking for. more
There’s no doubt this last year has been a whirlwind for many. From protecting ourselves through the pandemic, to getting ourselves signed up for the vaccine program and preparing for lockdown restrictions lifting; many of us have relied on the media and its reporting of these global issues to understand and help us navigate these choppy waters. more
Mental health is a very important subject for us to discuss as it relates to our work and our sales. Please understand that I am not a clinically trained therapist in any way shape or form, but I do hold an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation. My intention of this column is to try to provide inspiration to those of you that might have found yourself in a sales rut or mentally fatigued at work or in life as we're getting back to some level of normal sales business across America. more
Boston Globe Media Partners, LLC recently announced the launch of a custom study that will help the organization strengthen its brand position and encourage better engagement among local communities. The organization commissioned Nielsen to execute the study, which will focus on its nearly 150-year-old newspaper, The Boston Globe, and Boston.com. more
With Alden Global Capital’s recent acquisition of the Tribune Publishing newspaper chain, the country has reached a troubling milestone: half of the daily newspaper circulation in America is now owned by hedge funds. This is a real threat to democracy because hedge funds and private equity firms have a track record of cutting the reporting staff of local newsrooms to increase profits. more
Recently, America’s Newspapers encouraged a “Shop Local, Eat Local, Read Local” campaign. The topic of supporting local spending has never been timelier and more critical. Never has our locally-owned and operated business base been under more pressure. As this pressure continues to mount, so will the pressure on the local news media companies as well.  more
After winning on “Jeopardy!” for the third straight night back in April, Kelly Donohue banged three fingers against his chest to quietly celebrate his victory. But to a group of former contestants, that simple gesture was definitely, maybe, possibly a white power symbol. more
When was the last time you called your own phone system? If you don’t remember, now is the time to make that call. Literally, stop reading right now and call your own main number—not somebody’s office, call the one that rings to your auto attendant. more
Every single sales call with an advertiser is valuable. So valuable that you do not want to waste time asking questions that will not help you close the deal. After 30 years of selling and marketing media, I find that you have three to five questions and that is about it on every sales call. more
When a traditional media company transforms itself for the digital age, a poor personnel decision can derail the best strategies. Yet the way newsrooms make promotions or assign new jobs hits people … more
Back in October, I wrote about the launch of partisan local news sites and how they were filling the void in local news in towns across the country. Since then, the amount of such sites has grown … more
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