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Unpacking the Dallas Morning News’ decision to reinstate the public editor position

E&P explores Dallas Morning News Publisher Grant Moise's decision to hire news media veteran Stephen Buckley as their new public editor despite industry trends of cost-cutting that have eliminated that news media position throughout the US.

The challenge and promise of Press Forward: Funding the nation’s local newsrooms for the future

Data from Medill School of Journalism’s often-cited annual study, which examines the health of local news nationwide, explains the motivation for launching Press Forward last September. The initiative aims to rally major national foundations to reverse the trend of a shrinking news landscape.

Navigating the storm: The disruption of local television (Part 1)

Local television is experiencing significant changes, including the push from networks to move top shows to streaming platforms, audience declines, and the rise of free ad-supported streaming TV. These changes have resulted in a decline in retransmission fees, increased pressure to produce varied content, and a shift in revenue models. Despite these challenges, local content still has value, and local broadcasters can engage with their communities in new ways, pivot their business models, and find new revenue streams.

Closing the experience gap: Understanding Next-Gen news consumption

According to a research report co-produced by FT Strategies and Knight Lab at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, the disconnect in news consumption is growing as some publications focus on consumers they can monetize instead of building relationships with younger readers. Jeremy Gilbert, a Medill professor and Knight Chair in Digital Media Strategy, told E&P that the gap between what people want from news and what they’re getting is getting wider.

Adapting your newsroom to the new era of audience-driven economics

In the past, local newspapers dominated the local news ecosystem with large teams creating the most content. However, today, newsroom size is not necessarily associated with making more money. Being profitable and raising money is a challenge, but carving out distinctive beats may be a path to financial sustainability in an increasingly competitive market.

When war abroad comes to campus: Student media meets the moment with on-the-ground coverage of protests

As tensions over international conflicts boil, student journalists at prominent universities like Columbia, Arizona State, and Syracuse take to the front lines, documenting campus protests with fearless dedication. This E&P exclusive reporting captures the passion and complexity of today's youth activism amid a backdrop of geopolitical turmoil.
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Opinion | Epic cowardice at NPR

The broadcaster dismissed a high-profile critique from within its ranks. Then it crumbled.

GBH is laying off dozens of employees, the Boston public station announced on Wednesday as the media outlet faces “financial headwinds.”
The latest RTDNA/Newhouse School at Syracuse University Survey shows the total (full time) local TV news employment up 1% from a year ago to 27,880.
A new measure being debated in the Illinois General Assembly would create a tax credit for certain news publishers based on the number of reporters they employ. 
Among the enhanced resources announced: NPR will increase the size of the Standards & Practices team to expand coverage across shifts, ensure more oversight and guidance is issued, and create more bandwidth and availability for training sessions and discussion both for NPR and Member stations.
KQED, the Bay Area’s biggest public broadcasting station, is expecting to lay off 18 to 25 employees this month, according to an internal email sent out to KQED staff from the station’s president Michael Isip on Tuesday morning and obtained by Mission Local. 
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Local Media Association and Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association partner to create fundraising lab

In a groundbreaking move to bolster local journalism across Pennsylvania, the Local Media Association (LMA) and the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) have joined forces to launch the Pennsylvania Fundraising Lab. This innovative partnership aims to equip publishers with the essential skills and strategies needed to secure philanthropic funding for reporting projects. E&P speaks with Frank Mungeam, LMA chief innovation officer, and Bill Cotter, PNA president about the initiative and how news media outlets can learn how to tap into these funds.

In this episode of E&P Reports, we check in with Chicago Public Media, owners of PBS affiliate WBEZ, to find out how their 2022 acquisition of the 149-year-old Chicago Sun-Times is going. Appearing on the program are Jennifer Kho, executive editor for the newspaper and Tracy Brown, chief content officer for the parent company, who discuss their new initiatives, collaborative efforts and how the blending of these two major market brands is working to expand their audience.
In a historic development, New York State has approved a budget allocating $90 million in tax credits to support local journalism. Spearheading the advocacy were the over 200 news publishing members of the Empire State Local News Coalition. This exclusive interview with newspaper executive and coalition founder Zack Richner along with Rebuild Local News founder Steven Waldman, sheds light on the legislation's journey from bill to law. They also offer insights on how this single passage could spark similar initiatives nationwide.
Join us for this episode of 'E&P Reports' as we delve into The Chronicle of Philanthropy's groundbreaking initiative led by senior editor Drew Lindsay. Discover how their innovative online platform, 'The Commons,' is poised to tackle America's deep divides head-on. From political polarization to socio-economic disparities, explore how The Chronicle is fostering dialogue and understanding in an era of increasing division and uncertainty.
In this episode of “E&P Reports” we chat with Laura Krantz McNeill who interviewed several news media executives, resulting in a published a study for the Executive Program in News Innovation and Leadership at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. The study outlines a list of essential skills necessary to lead the newsrooms of tomorrow.
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