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Trib Total Media unveils AI-powered ad platform to empower local media

Publishers and the news industry know why they have trouble increasing and even maintaining their ad revenue: The tech giants have been grabbing much of it for years. There are plenty of ad dollars, but publishers also need advanced tech tools to compete with tech giants and their technologies. Trib Total Media, serving the greater Pittsburgh area is confident it has those tools.

The New York Times Trust Team: Providing greater transparency to increase trust in news

Rebuilding and furthering trust in news is a perpetual concern for news publishers today. As editor of the “trust team” at The New York Times, it’s Edmund Lee’s mission. Among the recent steps implemented at The Times to better communicate with the public are enhanced bylines and redesigned staff author pages, which help to personify the people behind the journalism.

A behind-the-scenes look at making Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism

What does it take to produce Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism? E&P spoke with three of this year's winning newsrooms about the origin stories for each series, the editorial and resource dilemmas they faced, and the challenges they overcame along the way.

Libraries are under siege

Libraries hold a special place in the hearts of many, serving as cherished institutions that foster connections within communities. But over the past few years, U.S. libraries have become a battleground for political wrangling brought on by right-wing conservative activist groups seeking to change laws and restrict access to books or remove those they deem offensive from school and public libraries.

The challenge and promise of Press Forward: Funding the nation’s local newsrooms for the future

Data from Medill School of Journalism’s often-cited annual study, which examines the health of local news nationwide, explains the motivation for launching Press Forward last September. The initiative aims to rally major national foundations to reverse the trend of a shrinking news landscape.
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The Illinois legislature has approved measures that provide $25 million in tax credits over the next five years for local news organizations to hire and retain journalists, becoming the second large state in two months to try to bolster the ailing local news industry with tax incentives.

Leaders in journalist safety have unveiled a new suite of online resources designed to help better prepare newsrooms, journalists and educators for coverage of trauma, violence and disaster.  
iHeartMedia and its 870 stations in 151 markets was again number one in 2023 with $2.147 billion as compared to $2.258 billion in 2022 from 866 stations.
Activist investor Nelson Peltz has sold his entire stake in Disney, a person familiar with the matter tells CNBC.
The Associated Press has released The Associated Press Stylebook, 57th Edition, which includes guidance that is new as of May 29, such as a new chapter on criminal justice, plus additions and changes made throughout the year on AP Stylebook Online. 
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Unpacking the Dallas Morning News’ decision to reinstate the public editor position

E&P explores Dallas Morning News Publisher Grant Moise's decision to hire news media veteran Stephen Buckley as their new public editor despite industry trends of cost-cutting that have eliminated that news media position throughout the US.

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Nonprofit news outlet NOTUS is keeping a close eye on all things government, politics and the election campaigns, but what makes the Washington, D.C.-based outlet unique are the bylines behind the daily reporting. Short for News of the United States, the publication provides in-depth analysis reported by journalism newcomers alongside veteran reporters about what’s going on in Washington, D.C., and why the news matters beyond Congress.
Local television is experiencing significant changes, including the push from networks to move top shows to streaming platforms, audience declines, and the rise of free ad-supported streaming TV. These changes have resulted in a decline in retransmission fees, increased pressure to produce varied content, and a shift in revenue models. Despite these challenges, local content still has value, and local broadcasters can engage with their communities in new ways, pivot their business models, and find new revenue streams.
CatchLight was founded in 2015 as a “visual-first media organization that leverages the power of visual storytelling to inform, connect and transform communities.” Today, the 11-member CatchLight staff is supported by a distinguished group of photojournalists, media executives, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs on its board of directors. Its advisory council includes leaders in media, photography and academics, as well as many influencers of the visual arts worldwide.
The Asian American Journalists Association has announced the recipients of its 2024 Journalism Excellence Awards, recognizing excellence in journalism by Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists.
The two initiatives will equip library patrons and Spanish speakers with skills to identify online misinformation.
Sarah Leach lost her regional editor job with Gannett on April 29 for talking with me about a broken promise to her and others in the company’s community news division. Calling it a blessing in disguise would be a little strong, but a month later Leach told me support from inside and outside the profession has been “overwhelming.”
Siding against Amazon, a federal judge has ruled that the Federal Trade Commission can proceed with charges that the company used “dark patterns” to dupe people into signing up for Prime subscriptions, and also thwarted subscribers' attempts to cancel.
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The Las Vegas (Nevada) Review-Journal has committed to a very large Goss Newsliner Press Drive upgrade project with imPRESSions Worldwide, Inc. from Burlington, Washington, in conjunction with  DCOS from Sweden, following a large wave of printers making similar decisions as of late.

The Jacobs Family has sold its J-Ad Graphics publishing business to JAMS Media, LLC and its View Newspaper Group of Lapeer, Michigan, according to Joe Bella, independent broker with BVC LLC. Bella represented the Jacobs family in the transaction.
On April 1, The Albuquerque Publishing Co., based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, went live with the Community Advertising System (CAS) from SCS.
In the ever-evolving world of online news, securing reader loyalty and generating sustainable revenue remains a constant battle. While paywalls have become a popular strategy, many publications, like HuffPost, are hesitant to restrict access to their content and prefer to keep their award-winning journalism free and available to all.
LNP Media Group, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has reached an agreement with SCS to install the Community Advertising System (CAS).
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Hyperlocal news publisher and creator of Broadstreet Kenny Katzgrau teamed up with Montclair Local's Annette Batson to deliver a highly polished and tactical webinar on achieving same-day closes with digital advertisers.

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