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Recently, America’s Newspapers encouraged a “Shop Local, Eat Local, Read Local” campaign. The topic of supporting local spending has never been timelier and more critical. Never has our locally-owned and operated business base been under more pressure. As this pressure continues to mount, so will the pressure on the local news media companies as well.  more
After winning on “Jeopardy!” for the third straight night back in April, Kelly Donohue banged three fingers against his chest to quietly celebrate his victory. But to a group of former contestants, that simple gesture was definitely, maybe, possibly a white power symbol. more
When was the last time you called your own phone system? If you don’t remember, now is the time to make that call. Literally, stop reading right now and call your own main number—not somebody’s office, call the one that rings to your auto attendant. more
Every single sales call with an advertiser is valuable. So valuable that you do not want to waste time asking questions that will not help you close the deal. After 30 years of selling and marketing media, I find that you have three to five questions and that is about it on every sales call. more
Although change can be difficult, The New York Times’ decision to retire the term “Op-Ed” promotes clear communication with a new generation of readers and is a step which other newspapers should consider taking. Originally derived from the piece’s location opposite the editorial in a newspaper, the designation “Op-Ed” no longer makes intuitive sense to readers who increasingly look to digital platforms for their news. more
There’s no doubt this last year has been a whirlwind for many. From protecting ourselves through the pandemic, to getting ourselves signed up for the vaccine program and preparing for lockdown restrictions lifting; many of us have relied on the media and its reporting of these global issues to understand and help us navigate these choppy waters. more
When a traditional media company transforms itself for the digital age, a poor personnel decision can derail the best strategies. Yet the way newsrooms make promotions or assign new jobs hits people … more
Back in October, I wrote about the launch of partisan local news sites and how they were filling the void in local news in towns across the country. Since then, the amount of such sites has grown … more
Recently, my name popped up on Google Alerts, a rare event these days. The reason was that Editor & Publisher columnist John Newby had been kind enough to recall my observation made 15 years ago, “How do you acquire a small local newspaper? Buy a large one and wait five years.” It was funny once, but some of us don’t have memories as good as John’s. more
As editor-in-chief, I’m proud of every E&P issue we put out, but I’m particularly proud of this month’s issue, where we highlight 10 Women to Watch. Selected by our editorial staff, we focused on accomplished women from different backgrounds working at various news organizations and platforms. more
The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel continues to get brighter. Everyday more and more people get vaccinated, while most of the nastier metrics of COVID-19 continue to decline. The coronavirus pandemic has been both a boon for journalism and the most disruptive event in more than 100 years. more
Author and inventor Roger von Oech once said, “It’s easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago but will soon be out of date.” This quote sums up the news media industry along with many other industries. more
Newspapers’ fortunes and those of the communities in which they are located long have run parallel to one another as they have to that of the country’s vicissitudes, both economic and visceral. more
The most crucial thing a newsroom can have is transparency, balance, accuracy, and practical steps to respond to public concerns and complaints. Newsroom ombudsmen are the channel newsrooms can have to create credibility and two-way communication between the mainstream media and the public. more
Last month, Washingtonian CEO Cathy Merrill wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post originally titled “As a CEO, I want my employees to understand the risks of not returning to work in the office,” where she discussed the disadvantages if employees chose to continue to work from home. more
While managing different companies over the years, I learned a few tricks with onboarding new employees. One of my favorites could help a lot of people in the coming months. more
Around every corner is a new digital media marketing option: OTT, audio/podcasting, CCT, video, and more. These new marketing technology ideas are awesome, but as salespeople, we often have new marketing solutions dropped on us and we are expected to work our sales magic. more
Cautionary tales have emerged in recent weeks about the inherent risks of entering the local news industry. Poynter recently called out a few of the pain points that new publishers endure, and … more
To say that the relationship between publishers and technology giants has intensified in the last few days, weeks or months is putting it lightly. Regardless of the way forward, the trends, developments and products pouring out of Silicon Valley should have publishers’ undivided attention, says Edward Roussel, Innovation Officer at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. more
On the day I’m sitting down to write this column, the center story on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer (where I work) is a long enterprise piece exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for struggling workers across the region fighting for stronger work protections. more
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