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Following the Yellow Brick Road to sales success: Insights inspired by 'The Wizard of Oz'

There's a controversial scene in"The Wizard of Oz" where, after receiving a "brain" in the form of a diploma, the Scarecrow famously says: “The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side!”  Which know-it-alls have noted, is incorrect. That's a right triangle. In sales, there are two math formulas that Jeff Sleete holds as important, that he dusts off and brings out to share annually. Here is this year’s take ...
Ad Sales Life

The pizza shop lesson. Why news media needs to offer more than ads

In his early days working with newspaper ads, one pizza restaurant taught E&P columnist Richard E. Brown invaluable lessons about sales, time management and the true essence of value. This wasn’t a fancy pizzeria; it was a run-of-the-mill establishment with a couple of branches across town. However, interactions with the owner opened Brown's eyes to a new perspective on advertising.

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and CNN International create marketplace for sports and political ad dollars

Sometimes, what’s old is new again. Warner Bros. Discovery seems to think so, as it has turned to programmatic guaranteed in its latest attempt to capture more ad dollars.
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Fostering trust in news media sales: Lessons learned from sibling dynamics

Trust is a foundational element in news media, spanning decades and sometimes even centuries, especially concerning editorial concepts and community connectivity. However, regarding the revenue side of news media, trust is the linchpin for businesses deciding which advertising medium and sponsorship relationships to work closely with to help shape their narrative and value.

It’s not your rate card; it’s your confidence

In news media advertising, organizations often spend too much time analyzing rates and comparing them to similar-sized outlets. It’s important, but sometimes, focusing too much on rate hinders the ability to assess an opportunity directly. Before immediately delving into pricing considerations, it’s crucial first to identify opportunities aligned with your organization’s goals.

Revisiting WEHCO Media’s tablet program

Implementing new revenue streams, from events to newsletters to podcasts to philanthropy — and even T-shirts — has been the goal of many news publishers for several years. Some don’t require much investment, while others require a major commitment in money and staff time. Some have worked, and others haven’t.
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Synergy in sales through discipline and creativity

Discipline serves as the foundation for creativity to thrive. The key is consistently maintaining focus on creating vibrant communities through insightful reporting while having the creativity to celebrate the positivity within the community. This ensures the development of resourceful content and attracting revenue sponsorship opportunities.

Add generative AI to your sales toolbox

As the entire world seemingly rushes to embrace the latest iteration of generative AI, whether ChatGPT, Bard or the many similar apps, media sales teams must take a more measured approach. That starts with realizing it is a tool and is not the answer to all needs and challenges. Additionally, the parameters of its use and protections from its erroneous and malicious misuse are not yet set.
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Elevating sales: Trends and pillars of 2024 growth

Richard E. Brown, senior director of retention for The Daily Beast and a columnist with Editor & Publisher, is convinced that 2024 will be a year dedicated to strengthening the bond between advertisers and audiences, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. He says this commitment will ensure that "the future of local news media remains vibrant and aligned with the diverse needs of the communities served. Furthermore, emerging trends complement this dedication, promising continued growth and a positive, sustainable trajectory."
E&P's January "Revenue Roundup"

Monetizing video. The next opportunity and challenge.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, newspapers have delivered both types of content for over a century. Television took content one step further with motion, sound and color. Today, video content has exploded across multiple TV platforms and escaped from the TV environment to be available almost everywhere and created by almost anyone.
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2024 Media Sales Superstars

2023 has been a year rife with layoffs, buyouts and a continuation of a difficult media sales environment. It takes resilience, grit and out-of-the-box thinking to succeed. The 2024 class of E&P Media Sales Superstars stand out in their ability to stand up against these challenging times, stay focused and get the job done for their customers, their communities and the companies they represent.

Maximize media sales by understanding what local advertisers are buying

Advertisers, especially local advertisers and local media sales teams, must understand consumers' spending priorities. However, it is equally important to know where those local advertisers spend their ad dollars and plan to spend future dollars. Without these insights, media ad sales teams can’t help local advertisers maximize their sales and gain a greater share of their ad spending.

How to leverage the 'budget season' to maximize your top line

Although daunting for some, budget season has always been a therapeutic and comforting time for me. It’s when our focus shifts to the outlook for the upcoming year. This is when we create comprehensive game plans involving contingencies, market nuances and gap analysis and align projects to meet potential objectives and stretch goals. We diligently put everything in place to view things in three dimensions: mitigate risks, address issues head-on and navigate relationships that contribute to the community's perceived value of the organization.
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Re-opening the recruitment gold mine with a job board

Once upon a time, newspapers had an easy-to-work gold mine: classified advertising. Then, the internet and new technologies made the recruitment process more accessible, and suddenly, the gold mine’s ceiling collapsed, and newspapers lost a lucrative revenue source. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and there are more sophisticated technologies and opportunities for newspapers and all media to re-open the recruitment gold mine with a robust job board.

Newspaper companies are finding a boost in their ZIPs

Industry executives in circulation audit and data mining say ZIP code-level data tied to e-editions have sparked more advertising interest. Newspapers armed with the correct data can report larger penetration numbers in crucial ZIP codes and recapture national advertisers who dropped their inserts.
Industry News on Revenue
Report for the World has announced the launch of “The Revenue Roadmap: a Guidebook to Diversifying Revenue and Editorial Innovation,” a comprehensive resource developed to equip media leaders with strategies and tools to navigate the evolving landscape of journalism.
Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Gulf Coast Media and The Sumter Item revamped their Athlete of the Week contests to attract corporate sponsors and reader engagement.
When Mondelez sought to promote a limited edition of its Oreo cookie earlier this year, it did something that would have been unthinkable not that long ago: It didn’t spend a dime advertising on TV. 
The good news — or bad news, depending on how you look at it — is that consumer time spent with media continues to expand. The really bad news for the ad industry is that ad-supported media's share continues to decline, in both the U.S. and worldwide.
Generating revenue remains a constant challenge. Some news outlets are reinventing special sections and editions, a traditional segment of most newspapers, to attract more readers and new and loyal advertisers. Here are four examples that publications and news outlets can adopt.
Mundo Hispano Digital, the parent company of, one of the oldest Certified Minority Latino media platforms in the United States, has announced the launch of its cutting-edge advertising product, MundoNow Connect, poised to revolutionize audience targeting in the wake of cookie deprecation. MundoNow Connect marks a significant milestone in its mission to deliver more immersive advertising experiences to brands, with accurate targeting.
Evvnt, the local events discovery and ticketing platform,  has announced a newly formed partnership with the Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic alliance of local media companies, that unlocks the power of local events, providing members with the tools and resources needed to thrive in the events industry.