How AI is generating millions in turnkey SMB ad revenue across Europe.


Over 500 European news publishers have discovered significant, new digital ad revenues by crafting instant high impact marketing campaigns via a new AI tool.

Companies large and small have turned to Smartico’s Smart Ads, a new solution that transforms a local advertisers’ assets (print, social media, TV, etc.) into high-performance display ads with linked landing pages that instantly open in an overlay. The SmartAd process occurs seamlessly, drawing from the source data and additional web information without requiring any instructions from either the publisher or advertiser.

“Our distinctive blend of blend of artificial intelligence, human expertise, and hands-on sales support sets us apart,” states Christian Scherbel Founder & CEO of Smartico. “With trusted relationships spanning 500+ news publishers world-wide, Smartico annually produces hundreds of thousands of Smart Ads.”

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In this fast paced, E&P Sponsored Webinar learn how two separate European media companies are generating over a hundred thousand dollars each in new, turn-key, SMB ad revenue, using an AI tool that instantly develops complete marketing campaigns for local advertisers.

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